The client disputes the reasonableness of payment?
We will recover the debt in court

European coverage. Case handling by a transport law firm.

Not only has the client not paid, but they also dispute the reasonableness of the invoice?

We will help you recover your debt through the courts!

Litigation is by its nature a complex process and requires the preparation of appropriate arguments.

Therefore, in order to ensure our clients’ satisfaction, we have chosen Transcash Law Firm, which specialises in handling cases from the transport industry, to work with us and it will provide full support at every stage of the proceedings.

Transcash Law Firm:

Will support the completion of documentation

They will send your counterparty a final demand for payment and help to complete the necessary documentation to prove to the court that the debt exists.

Will file a lawsuit

Along with the filing of the lawsuit, they will apply for a payment order and for securing the counterparty’s assets.

Will guarantee representation at the trial

They will respond to the opposing party’s pleadings and, during the trial, represent your company before the competent court.

Will help recover the debt

They will apply for an enforcement clause upon receipt of a final and binding order for payment or judgment. They will then refer the case to debt enforcement collection proceedings.

Legal assistance and recovery of debts in Poland and abroad

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From where we recover debts

Transcash Law Firm operates in Poland, but also in other countries, such as:

  • Germany
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Romania
  • Lithuania
  • UK

If your counterparty is from another country, Transcash Kancelaria Prawna (TC Law Firm) will look into how to recover your money from them.

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