Recovery of debts
at your own expense

We will recover your invoice for you, together with reimbursement of the service costs

Do you want to take on the costs of debt collection activities?

If so, use the debt recovery service at your own expense. This is a solution for those companies that want to take on the entire cost of debt collection activities.

We provide full support and professional advice at every stage of the recovery process, giving you peace of mind and confidence that your interests are protected.

We recommend this option when the amount of debt does not exceed PLN 2,500. In this case, you can enclose a EUR 40/70/100 note with your application, which will compensate you for part of the costs incurred in recovering overdue payments.


Logging in to your account and reporting a case

You create a free account in the Customer Service Panel and report the case, completing the information about your counterparty. You choose the option: Recovery of debts at your own expense and enter the details of outstanding invoices and the associated EUR 40/70/100 notes. Then you provide other necessary information on the case.

Attaching documents

You attach the relevant documents, such as the VAT invoice for the transport, the transport order and other documents (e.g. CMR document, delivery note, etc.).

Starting the debt recovery processi

We begin the process of recovering unpaid payments. In the Panel, you can keep up to date with our activities and the current status of the case.

Issuing a commission invoice

Once the outstanding receivables have been recovered, we will issue a commission invoice for your company. We charge a commission on the value of the payment recovered.

Conditions of using the service

The minimum value of the invoice that you can submit for recovery is PLN 200 in Poland and EUR 100 internationally.

Report a case

How much is the commission in recovering debts at your own expense?

Type of debtRecovering debts internationally
up to 30 days after the due date11%
31 to 60 days after the due date13%
from 61 days after the due date15%