or guaranteed payment
for transport!

With SafePay, you can be sure that you will receive the money for the transport service rendered!

What is SafePay?

SafePay is an additional option to the debt recovery service at the counterparty’s or your own expense. It guarantees payment of the outstanding invoice.

If our debt collection is not successful and your payer does not pay the debt, we will pay you 87% of the outstanding amount.

You can apply for SafePay on a specific case within two calendar days of the offer appearing in the Customer Service Panel. After this date, the SafePay service is not available.

How can I use the SafePay service?

The SafePay service is only available for selected cases.
You will find out about the possibility of using it when you report the case in the Customer Service Panel.

Report a case

How much does SafePay cost?


Covering a debt collection case with SafePay

Success fee for successful debt collection

12% - 13.9% depending on the service / min. EUR 20 net

87 %

Guaranteed amount
in the case of unsuccessful recovery

87% of the gross amount owed

We are working on a new version of the SafePay service to be even more effective!